Dragon Men

98% love it
A Tokyo bastion
This famous watering hole in the heart of Nichome is a great spot for cheap happy hour (6-9 p.m. nightly) or an all night party. With outdoor and indoor seating and a contemporary feel, this large bar is a nice venue for a drink or two especially during summer months!


    • ichiroTK
      ichiroTK Over a year ago

      Fun for weekend and to go dancing
      There were a lot of people on weekend. Enjoyed dancing and meeting people. People there were friendly and service was not bad too. Not suitable for relax and drink, I think. But I'm gonna go back to enjoy dancing more!

    • ryeandcoke
      ryeandcoke Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly English speaking staff
      Spent most nights here during my trip in Feb 2014 as it was the only place with anyone in. It during my mid-week visit. The staff and owner are fantastic!

    • scollayunder
      scollayunder Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Decent Place For a Drink
      One of the more comfortable places in Ni-Chome to hang out and have a drink or two. OK crowd. Definitely worth a stop.

    • DCBob
      DCBob Over a year ago
      Loves it

      What's Not to Like?
      Friendly all-male bar with a huge drink menu and reasonable prices. One of the largest gay bars in Shinjuku-Nichome. I enjoyed it!

    • Blackhottie64
      Blackhottie64 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best
      the best

    • WorldTravelor
      WorldTravelor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Start your evening here
      Ni-Chome is very interesting. For a foreigner it may seem intimidating but if you start here and get a few drinks in you, you'll be okay to brave the rest of the area. haha. The bartenders were cute. Drinks were reasonably priced and the navy boys and ex-pats are all here on the weekends.

    • misto06
      misto06 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best place in Tokyo for foreigners
      This is the first place I tried to go to that made me feel welcome from day one. The staff and Ken, the owner, are very friendly, attentive and do actually take the time to talk to people AND listen to them... I would recommend it especially if you are shy at first. Unlike most other reviews I am not a big fan of those weekends when the staff walks around with almost nothing on. I`m old fashion, I prefer to see them with clothes on and imagine whats under than see it all on display... but that`s me! LOL

    • rowrow99
      rowrow99 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Great atarting point
      Attracts many tourists, and easy to find. Exit C5 from Shinjinku Sanchome Metro Station. Criss the road and you are set!

    • Great place to see in 2010
      Spent NYE 2010 here and had a great time. Friendly people and staff, execellent music and beautifully warm considering how cold it was outside. Small in comparison to Sydney but most memorable.

    • geminigoofy
      geminigoofy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun...just like home.
      This bar is a great place for all seasons. And I think the previous commenter was right on when he mentioned the popularity going up when they hired the gaijin boys to walk around in speedos or very small undies. I know I enjoyed the view, and it reminded me of Los Angeles where the bartenders and servers are all pretty much scantily clad. It is also one of the bigger interiors that isn't crowded in every inch like Arty Farty or The Annex. You can go, drink, socialize, and have a great time. I have spent most of my night there, never really seeing the need to go elsewhere. Most people rotate in and out so if you stick around long enough the crowd will change completely. :-)

    • cubicle
      cubicle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Becoming more and more popular it seems
      When I first moved to Tokyo this place wasn't too popular. Even on friday or saturday nights it would be quite .... not so packed. Somewhen between last winter and spring more and more people seemed to start liking Dragon. Especially saturday nights (11pm~) seem to be happening. Maybe it's because they started hiring foreign bartenders "boys", who occasionally walk around in nothing but underwear. It certainly also helped introducing a happy hours between 1 and 2am, when for one drink paid you get the same one for free - 2for1. Another aspect is that especially in winter/when it's chilly outside, it's good to have a big(-ish) bar to go to, that's indoors. As opposed to Advocates, which is quite popular in spring/summer, but being mostly outdoors has a hard time finding customers when it's cold or when it rains. Dragon attracts lots of foreigners and Japanese who like them. On the TV screens they usually show movies, but occasionally the owner would put on some "Dieux du Stade" or porn DVD ;)