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Real deal ramen
This is not the everyday top-ramen you used to eat in your college dorm room. Ippudo is well-known in Tokyo as being one of the best ramen houses in the city. Located in Ebisu, just a short walk from Ebisu station, one stop from Shibuya, and a fifteen minute ride from Shinjuku-Ni-Chome. this is the place to go to have real, traditional, Japanese Hakata-style ramen. A great place to go for a casual, albeit amazing, meal and a frosty beer.


    • kinetic
      kinetic Over a year ago
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      probably the best ramen in Tokyo
      This place has the best deal for a great tasting ramen. The menu is limited to four types of flavor but the trick is that you will be provided with eight types of toppings for you to add as you will to adjust the flavor to your liking. Another thing is that you can choose the toughness of the noodles from chewy to soft. The basic "shiro maru" ramen is priced ¥750, and you are able to order a refill of noodles for ¥150. They also have shops in roppongi and ginza that are open until late hours.