100% love it
Cozy corner for a chat
This well-established bar boasts a mixed crowd -- gay, lesbian, and straight. With its cozy vibe, Kinsmen is an ideal hang out. Its elegant appeal attracts upscale clientele.


    • geminigoofy
      geminigoofy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really nice...everything.
      If you're looking for a place that is relaxed, but not dead. Classier crowd without any pervs grabbing you or bothering you. Where you can listen to music, have a cocktail and STILL be able to listen to the person you're talking to without yelling or texting your conversation...then Kinsmen is the place to go. I always start out my evening there because I take a 2 hour train ride to get to Tokyo and I want some nice laid back atmosphere before diving deep into the Shinjuku madness. love it, great staff, great location, atmosphere, and good drinks!